Professional Interior Painting Services 

Interior painting projects can be disruptive when the company you’ve hired lacks a strong delivery process. Some painters work past agreed upon project hours, damage furniture and/or flooring, or paint too many rooms at once, which gives you nowhere to go in your own home.

makus painting does not want you to be inconvenienced. We take an organized approach to our interior painting projects and communicate with you through the entire project. That’s why we’ve put the right people in place to make your experience seamless. 

Interior painting preparation and on-time proposals: how we protect you

We’re not just concerned about the surfaces to be painted, we’re also looking out for those that aren’t. Each proposal you receive from makus painting will outline preparation details to make sure you feel secure that your property is protected.

Interior prep:

Move and protect furniture with industrial-grade tarps

Cover and protect flooring with industrial-grade tarps

Caulk woodwork gaps

Patch, sand, and prime drywall if necessary

Scuff, sand and prime cabinets and trim

The painting itself is done systematically, completing one room before moving on to the next, applying two coats of premium paint to drywall, and 1-2 coats on woodwork, depending on condition and color selection.

Interested? Let’s talk about your project. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to working with you!